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Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights - Bright Enough For Your Garden?
Do Outdoor Solar Powered Lights Provide Sufficient Illumination?

The way in which solar powered lights work is constantly evolving. Over the past three years the quality has improved dramatically. At one time, solar lights were not as bright as people expected and the life expectancy of a solar panel was only two to three years. Today, good quality solar lights are bright enough for almost any outdoor space and can light a garden for the entire evening. The best models will now last up to 20 Years.

Several factors have contributed to the improved technology behind solar lighting:

• Each light contains a photovoltaic cell that captures solar energy from the sun. Nowadays a cell can capture about 15% of the sun’s light whereas in the past, this figure was 5%.

• The use of silicon in the photovoltaic cells has improved efficiency but other materials are now being experimented with which may also increase solar efficiency.

• The solid state LED bulbs that are now in use are much more efficient than ordinary gas-filled bulbs. The filament in a normal gas-filled bulb produces heat as well as light. Solid State LED bulbs use technology that manipulates electrons, moving them in a certain direction. This produces photons which in turn are responsible for visible light.

• Solid state LED bulbs have a lifetime of 10,000 hours, use on average just 3 watts of power and are maintenance free.

As a general note, the higher the quality of the solar garden product, the better the quality of light.

Solar Decking Lights

I am beginning to really get a feel for where I can use solar power outside. We recently built a deck in our garden and have used solar uplighters to illuminate some parts. This has proven to be really successful especially near the steps. They are no longer a trip hazard  as they are continually lit.
Installation was so simple, just charge up the solar cells, place the unit in the desired location and job done  -  no wiring and no energy costs!
Tips On Using Outdoor Solar Lighting In Your Garden

Outdoor Garden Solar Lighting

The use of solar outdoor lights can increase the aesthetic feel of any garden and is ideal for accentuating pathways, steps and driveways. As the solar batteries contained within the lights provide all the power needed, there is none of the headache and expense associated with electrical wiring. Solar lighting can also offer practical safety solutions in locations that would be difficult to wire-up.

Solar lights are perfect for outlining pathways and garden features with a gentle glowing light that can look attractive in the garden once the sun has set.

There is also an enormous benefit to the environment if solar power is the energy of choice. Solar lights use rays from the sun to charge small integrated batteries. The quality of the batteries (small photovoltaic or PV cells) determines how bright the light will be and how long the light will remain on. By using this renewable source of energy we are contributing  to a reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Many solar lights now use LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs and nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride batteries. LED´s produce brighter light, use much less electricity, and last substantially longer than the old incandescent bulbs. The new batteries take and hold a charge much better than the lead-acid units previously used.

The quality of solar powered lights has improved dramatically and hence the variety of garden solar lights is increasing all the time. Examples include solar lights to line pathways, solar spotlights that   can accentuate a point of interest in the garden and little solar powered fairy lights that look great for the summer barbecue and just as good at Christmas.

Solar garden lights require no wiring as they charge their integral batteries through the daytime from the sun´s rays. This does mean that they are more effective when placed in a sunny position although the better ones will still charge on an overcast day. Solar lights usually work by coming on automatically at dusk although some do have a manual over-ride switch.

Unfortunately solar lights will not work fully and completely in a British winter as there is not enough sunlight to fully re-charge the batteries. However there is usually sufficient power to last through the main part of an evening.

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